Very Handsome & Hung Pool Boy Brandon Bronco Pounds A Lonely Lady

Brandon Bronco is a very hot straight pool boy. He is particularly fond of his job because of the side-benefits that it brings. Such as: flexible working hours, lots of opportunity to enjoy and tan in the sun and the overall sense of having done something useful at the end of the day.

Not to mention plenty of beautiful but lonely ladies that he knows are curious and in need of a hunky man like him.

Veronica Radke couldn’t get him out of her mind ever since she first met him this morning. Since then, she has been watching him from her window, thinking about all the hot stuff she could do with such a stud. I mean, just look at those muscles that resemble waves at the sea… and it seemed that he had a rather big bulge in his shorts, too.

Veronica lets him inside for some refreshment, and gives him a lemonade, but what’s really on her mind is to get into his pants and grab that mysterious beast that seems to want to get out.

While she’s standing on the porch, she nonchalantly touches his firm, muscle-packed stomach, and inch by inch she’s already in his pants and seizes his magnificent, huge cock!

He understands the message and seizes her with his powerful manly hands and takes her inside, laying her on the bed. She quickly takes his cock into her mouth and slobbers around the shaft and cockhead.

He enters her from behind and she initially gets very tight while he’s stretching her pussy with his massive dong. He fucks her really hard and manages to make her cum like she never did before. His cock is relentless, though, and plunders her ass unremittingly until he pulls out and empties his big balls all over her bubble butt.

This young fellow is very hot and I hope to see him many times over in the future!


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