Hot Freckled Hung Fucker Bangs a Hottie

There is nothing subtle about Brandon Bangs’ name, or his attitude. He’s confident and eager to get it on with Tatiana. Our freckled fucker sports an impressive tool. It’s every bit of 7.5 inches and thick too. But his dick isn’t the only thing you’re gonna love. Brandon keeps in great shape to say his looks are anything less than hot would be an understatement. He fucks Tatiana with a fervor as she moans in sheer ecstasy. Hard and fast, he pounds that pussy like he owns it with his uncut cock. Brandon can’t hold back any longer and pops his load onto Tatiana’s tits. Spent, he lays down next to his ravaged cutie. Thank you Brandon Bangs for the sweaty and intense ride!


Here’s a short preview clip with Brandon Bangs and my friend Jasun Mark as the interviewer in the beginning.

Geez, that fucking was intense and hot as hell!

Click here to watch the whole scene with Brandon Bangs, your dick is gonna be grateful to you haha!

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