Next Door Hookups – Big-Dicked Brandon Pounds Darcy

This was filmed last autumn. The days got a bit colder, the trees were changing their color and the sun was less strong than in the Summer. Well, the arrival of autumn also means that for men there is football season on TV!

Brandon Lewis is totally into sports and watches every match with his both eyes wide open. But, his girlfriend Darcy Tyler has always been his main distraction when he wanted to concentrate on football!

She came directly from the bathroom so horny that she wouldn’t take “No” as an answer! She is totally committed to spoiling his focus on the football match and wants him to fuck her little tight wet pussy.

Brandon realizes that if he wants to have some peace while watching TV, the quickest way to ensure that is to first fuck his lady and hopefully she’ll let him be with himself and TV again.

His cock becomes hard and swollen very fast and Darcy can’t get her eyes off of it. Soon enough football is only a memory and he focuses completely on his new sex assignment.

Darcy mounts on his dick and starts to ride it. But Brandon also thrusts her from below so this girl certainly got one hard fuck and her pussy was liberally stretched and pounded by this strong masculine stud.

Brandon becomes more and more aggressive and really fucks Darcy hard. Finally he shoots his load and splatters it all over Darcy’s stomach.


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