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Tough & Spectacularly Built Thomas Ride Plows His Girl

I think that every gay guy has at least sometimes thought about meeting with a strong, thug-like, perfectly muscled rough dude for some unforgettable, mad butt fucking. I know I have. And when I think about the type of dude that I’d like to fuck with in such a situation, Thomas Ride fits in perfectly into my idolized image.

Thomas Ride is truly spectacular. Although cocky and with an attitude, his smile is disarming and charming. His big muscles can be seen even through the shirt, but once it comes off we can finally enjoy his huge pecs, hairy chest, great nipples and six-pack abs to die for.

His upper body is truly a work of art – I can cum just by watching his chest and arms …. oh damn. OK, let’s continue.

When Thomas’ cock popped out it was a beautiful sight to behold. It was rock-hard, several inches long and curved to the left.

Thomas laid back on the bed and allowed his girl to suck him off good and proper. She was so into his private parts that she just had to lick his balls at the same time – hey who could blame her?

I was especially turned on by the sight of his rimming,  while he stood on his knees.

Thomas is such a sucker for pussy and boobs – nothing unusual for a straight guy, but we really enjoyed watching him gorging on her tits and eating her pussy.

He then slams her from behind, plowing her untilled pussy.

In the end he was totally sweaty and when he was close to cum, he just pulled his cock out of the hole and jizz erupted from his cockhead, drenching everything on its path.


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Super Sexy & Masculine Young Stud Fucks His Real-Life Girlfriend

One of our guys was hanging out at a local bar when he spotted this couple in the corner getting more than a little freaky with each other.

They didn’t seem to care that half the bar was watching them make out and feel each other up, with hands going below the belt… pretty hot I must say. Our guy was ballsy enough to walk up to them and hand them a card and told them that we’d love to capture some of that hot lovin’ on cam.

Fortunately they came to our office the next day and that night we captured a super hot, passionate and kinky fuck on cam… just for you. So check out Big D pound his hot girlfriend Jenni Lee until she cums, over and over.

This guy is very handsome and masculine and has a big fat dick to boot! He also has one of the biggest and most explosive cumshots we’ve seen!


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Huge Muscular Fucker Dante Brice Fucks Like Stallion

We have the pleasure of breaking a lot of guys into the biz on our site. It’s a great change of pace to work with an certified porn-star every now and again though, and that’s exactly who we have with Dante Brice. He knows all the right angles and makes sure that everyone involved, including you, are having a great time. Watch our dark-skinned dynamo’s big muscles and fat cock do their thing as Dante shows you how the pros do it.


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