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Next Door Hookups – Johnny T Is Back From War & Ready To Fuck

Most women prefer masculine men with big dicks for sexual activities. Not surprising eh? But the PC tells us otherwise. Don’t believe it for a minute, it’s just bullshit. All women like big dicks and strong, manly guys. And you don’t even have to ask gay guys the same question, it’s the same answer always.

Johnny T just got back from a war and is ready to fuck! His girlfriend Jessie Cox missed him a lot, especially his HUGE cock which she adores and is always eager to stick in her pussy, hoping Johnny will pound her hard and push her to the seventh Heaven as he usually does.

The two kiss each other for some time, and then Johnny removes his black shirt to reveal a perfect chest, muscular arms and a six pack. But when Jessie takes out his big snake that’s when the real fun begins.

She sucks his cock the best she can, then he returns the favor and eats her pussy for a little while.

But Jessie has insatiable appetite for hard fucking, and Johnny T is second to none in that department. He bangs her hard and you can literally feel the sparks flying in the air. They change several positions, and Johnny fucks her really hard and fast.

In the end he asks her if she wants his cum, she says of course, and then he sprays her with a huge amount of cum, it just squirts and squirts from his amazing cock.



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Super Sexy & Masculine Young Stud Fucks His Real-Life Girlfriend

One of our guys was hanging out at a local bar when he spotted this couple in the corner getting more than a little freaky with each other.

They didn’t seem to care that half the bar was watching them make out and feel each other up, with hands going below the belt… pretty hot I must say. Our guy was ballsy enough to walk up to them and hand them a card and told them that we’d love to capture some of that hot lovin’ on cam.

Fortunately they came to our office the next day and that night we captured a super hot, passionate and kinky fuck on cam… just for you. So check out Big D pound his hot girlfriend Jenni Lee until she cums, over and over.

This guy is very handsome and masculine and has a big fat dick to boot! He also has one of the biggest and most explosive cumshots we’ve seen!


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Strong, Muscled & Very Masculine Stud Nate Woodheaven Plunders Chick’s Wet Pussy

Who needs small talk before sex? Definitely not Nate Woodhaven and his latest playmate, Addison O’Reilly. The animal attraction between these two is obvious the second the cameras start rolling. The action begins with Nate being stripped down to his tiny black briefs, a great way to show off his perfectly-sculpted upper body. But Addison’s attention is quickly diverted as she eagerly takes Nate’s cock into her mouth, sliding her tongue up and down his shaft until it’s thick and throbbing. Want a little versatility in your voyeurism?

Check out the tight shots of Nate having his meaty hole orally stimulated! He returns the favor by eating some pussy before jacketing up for a nice hot fuck session. We lost count of the number of fuck positions we saw but nothing beats the sight of Nate pulling out with seconds to spare before gushing a huge load of cum all over himself.


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Matt Heritage Shows Off

Matt Heritage is excited to show you what he’s working with. He’s a big boy with bedroom eyes and a bubble-butt guaranteed to give you a hard-on. Keeping in such great shape is hard work, but it’s more than worth it watching Matt flex his guns for the camera.

His big hands find their way down to his big cock and smooth balls. Glistening from lube, he strokes his rock hard cock for you until it spits it’s hot white cum.


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