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Johnny Castle Fucks New Nanny With His Big Thick Cock

Johnny’s wife hired a new nanny, but she had no idea how hot the nanny actually is. This was her first day at work and Johnny was also pleasantly surprised by this hot young lady.

Johnny  couldn’t hide his attraction towards the hot nanny and she was also very excited by Johnny’s hot, masculine appearance and deep voice.

Johnny shows Allie James the room where the baby is, but she figures that the father is more urgent to deal with than the baby! Besides, the wife is not at home!

Johnny was a bit unwilling to bang this hot blonde nanny at first, but his dick protested and got so hard that there was no way to hide it.

Allie sucked that big, thick dick like a pro, and then impaled on it with such great gusto. He fucked her very hard from several positions and finally blew his load all over her face!



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Big-Dicked Husband Justin Nails His Wife Christie Hard

All of us men know, when it’s early morning and sun rises on the horizon, the same thing happens with our sleeping dick – it wakes up and becomes hard, reminding us of our manliness and duties in life that we have towards our partner.

Christie is delighted to see her husband’s large dick become a stiff rod this morning. Justin Owen has a really big one and he doesn’t miss an opportunity to nail his beautiful spouse in the pussy or ass with it whenever he can!

Christie is also spellbound by his firm, bubble ass, I mean just look at those ass cheeks. She turns him over and starts to suck on his big cock. He slowly wakes up while his dick is already hard. He slowly realizes that he is no more in the land of dreams, but an even nicer dream-like experience awaits him in the reality – his wife sucking him off.

He begins to touch her body and makes her even hornier than she was. The net result of this is that his boner is now stiff like a rock and points to the sky, waiting for some pussy to fuck.

She jumps on it and begins to ride his dick like a pro. He always liked that in his wife, that she is so passionate about sex and his dick. Well, who wouldn’t be?

This was a very nice and passionate love making, not just a sex video. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did while filming it.



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