Next Door Hookups – Hugely Endowed Lance Alexander Fucks Hotel Maid

Lance Alexander went to a business trip and his company saw to it that he got the best hotel available, complete with breakfast, gym, wi-fi, and the maid service.

Speaking of which, today’s maid was exceptionally sexy, but somehow backwards in the religious sense. However, the maid saw Lance’s huge monster cock and remained spellbound by it ever since!

She has to touch it and then put it into her mouth. The temptation is just too strong. Her mouth is just what Alexander needed.

Soon enough Alexander spreads her legs and enters her little pussy with his monster dick. Her little tight pussy has never received such a massive cock before and when he starts to fuck her and push that cock in and out she was in Heaven.

The best thing about fucking the maid is that when you’re over and fill her up with your spunk she has to resume her responsibility and remake the bed, while you go to the bathroom to wash the sperm from your chest!


Short preview video:


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3 thoughts on “Next Door Hookups – Hugely Endowed Lance Alexander Fucks Hotel Maid

  1. JD

    This guy is fucking PERFECT. He’s got that combination of grown man, man’s body, man’s cock, deep voice, but has the face of an 18 or 19 year old ……. just fucking HOT, everything about him! Needs to start doing guys though — he’ll never know what it’s like to really enjoy sex until he’s been with a man who can put that big cock of his to good use and can suck it and ride it the way it should be!

  2. Phil

    I totally love Lance Alexander, such a sexy guy, head to toe, cant get enough of him. Love the way he looks into eyes when kissing, so tall, ruggedly handsome & hung. I love his body too, Wish he had more porn though- he has only done a few. Id love to see him top a guy!!

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