Next Door Hookups – Muscular Boss Cameron Foster Pounds Delilah Blue

Cameron Foster is a muscular and masculine straight boy. He works hard at his job, but he also takes time to relax and be with his sweetheart.

It just so happens that his girlfriend is now also his best colleague at work, Delilah Blue. Cameron is actually her boss and she’s extremely satisfied with him.

She has been thinking about getting her hands in his pants and getting hold of his manhood for quite some time, and she had various plans in her mind how to achieve this. Today seemed like a perfect opportunity.

Cameron is a married man, though, so she had some doubts about the whole thing. But he is such a horndog that a little bit of extramarital sexual activities might even turn out to be good for his relationship and make it stronger.

She is sucking on his huge cock and trying to get to the milk, but he thinks no so fast. He nails her hard and good and delivers a great pounding. They do it all on their desk, and I can feel that Delilah will be getting her bonus from her boss!



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Next Door Hookups is a site that features truly straight guys who like to fuck their girlfriends hard and raw. These motherfuckers are really manly and the action is hot!


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