Next Door Hookups – Manly & Muscled Tyler Black Fucks Cassandra Cruzz

Big, muscled stud Tyler Black met this hot sexy chick Cassandra Cruz at a Fat Tuesday street party a few days ago. She comes over to his hotel for a quick drink and to have a chat with him.

When they’re inside together Tyler can’t help but notice how sexy she is, and on the other hand Cassandra gets turned on immediately by the perfectly muscled Tyler’s body and his charmingly masculine personality. Now she knows, all she wants is to get Tyler naked and make him take her like a wild animal.

Tyler doesn’t have anything against that idea and obeys his new mistress. She can’t wait to get hold of his big fat cock and puts it immediately in her mouth. She generally loves to suck men’s cocks and this is a real feast for her. Tyler is shoving his big man stick deep inside her throat and makes her deepthroat him.

Next, he tears off her clothes and puts her on the sofa, with her legs spread to ease the penetration. But first he eats her pussy a bit to lube it properly. Then he stands up and lets her admire his perfect six pack abs, chest and big arms. All the while his cock stands at attention!

He penetrates her pussy and she moans affirmatively. She rolls her eyes from intense pleasure and now can feel Tyler’s cock in all its length inside her. She’s now totally his.

She flips him over and begins to massage his nuts, she tries to make him cum, and Tyler soon obliges by spraying his cum all over her boobs and that fancy necklaces of hers.



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