First Auditions– Dumb & Very Masculine Rugby Player Tom

Tom is the physical embodiment of the perfect, mythical jock. His body is just about perfect, muscular but not too much, and is covered by a thick layer of manly hairs (a sign of virility).

Tom is a rugby player but he enjoys all the other team sports. He comes across as a bit dumb while answering all the questions in a bland monotonous tone, but that only adds to his irresistible sexiness!

His first physical exam video on First Auditions is something not to be missed. I know for one I will enjoy it for a long time to come!


Short preview video:

Download and save this dumb Jock’s full video at FirstAuditions!

First Auditions is a hilarious and super hot site where we have a chance to see all the aspiring wannabe straight porn actors getting their first physical exam. These masculine and studly men have one burning desire – to become well-known porn actors and bang as many chicks as possible. But, first they have to pass our gay director and his judgement is final.


2 thoughts on “First Auditions– Dumb & Very Masculine Rugby Player Tom

  1. Seth

    He’s very cute, sexy, and hot.. Though I’m probably sure he’s not too happy with being called “dumb” lol.

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