SG4GE – Big Footballer Aaron Rivers Bangs Lucky Girl

Aaron Rivers is a very hot, young stud. He used to be a footballer player and was indispensible in his team. His coach made him the team’s tight end!

He is pretty tall (6’4”) and I was eager to see his body below that blue polo shirt and jeans.

Aaron is pretty big on weight lifting and cardio exercises and that’s certainly one of the main reasons why he is so well-built and gorgeous. I can imagine how all his peers watch him with envy while he parades bare-chested through the gym.

His smile is also so damn hot and just adds to his overall charm.

Alexis was the lucky girl for today because she was chosen to fuck with Aaron. Just watch how big Aaron is while he fucks her. He’s like a fucking giant!

Aaron shoves his big straight dick into her pussy and slams her hard. It’s definitely hot fuck action. Aaron changes positions often and we can watch them fucking from various angles.

Don’t miss Aaron’s cumshot either – it’s really nice.



Short preview video:


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One thought on “SG4GE – Big Footballer Aaron Rivers Bangs Lucky Girl

  1. Jeff

    Holy shit! Aaron is fucking perfect; He’s 6ft 4 tall, dark, handsome with a beefy muscle body and big 8 inch dick. Not only does he fuck like a beast but he eats pussy like a savage. Would love him to fuck my brains out and make me cum all over his dick.

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