Gay Cowboy Steven Daigle Goes “Straight For Pay”

Steven Daigle was introduced to the world as the horse-riding, bronco-taming, shit-kicking gay rodeo cowboy on Big Brother 10. Since then, he’s made himself an even bigger star in some of the biggest gay porn movies of the last year including his first web-only performance with Brady Jensen on CocksureMen.

Until now, Steven has been a "men only" performer but today he makes his debut here being taught how to have straight sex by not one but TWO female porn stars. He starts out with a lot of nervous laughter, not quite sure what to do, but his two co-stars show him just how to please them. Steven delivers giving them a VERY rough, but fun, ride. Looks like he learned something on those Bucking Broncos! Steven blows a big load on a girl’s back and the three fall into a pile, gasping for air and laughing together.

When asked if he’s still into men, Steven emphatically responds, "Yep still gay."


Well this was really funny… in the beginning. But Steven really does the job well and there is some serious pussy fucking in the end. I have to admit it’s very hot!

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One thought on “Gay Cowboy Steven Daigle Goes “Straight For Pay”

  1. k

    This homophobic hypocrite fully lied and said on cam that he was bisexual and only pushed the gay cowboy thing for branding puposes, jake cruise also admitted on twitter that none of the guys he had on this site were gay and that this video was pretty much a marketing ploy. Him, jake cruise and all their team are complete bigoted homophobes.

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