Arpad Miklos – Straight For Pay!

Everyone is familiar with the term “Gay for Pay”, but we’ve turned the tables and brought in one of the biggest names in gay porn, Arpad Miklos to do a “Straight for Pay” scene. You heard us right. Buff, hairy, hunky and 100% gay Arpad is taking a walk on the wild side with busty blonde Holly Heart. If he’s nervous you certainly can’t tell. He takes to fucking a girl like a duck to water. Holly gets the ride of her life from our big boy. Did we convert him? HELL no… but there’s no doubt he had a great time experimenting.


Unlike most "straight" porn, SG4GE features the guy front and center, showing his body, face and the fun he’s having. He does an incredible job and his female costar had no idea that he wasn’t straight. She said it was the best fucking she’d ever had.


Well, I must admit I’m totally hard by now. How about you?


Why not watch this amazing scene in its entirety?
Click here to check out Straight Guys For Gay Eyes!

7 thoughts on “Arpad Miklos – Straight For Pay!

  1. Rover

    I’m not sure if this is a good idea, to have a gay performer on a site like this.

    Arpad is damn hot though!

  2. Oa

    I think it’s disgraceful! Bad enough that our most celebrated male performers are straight guys (who are getting wayyyy too much attention in supposedly gay publications), but now you’re bribing our genuinely gay performers into straight porn? And to make things worse, he’s inadvertently perpetuating the myth that straight sex is somehow cleaner than gay sex. When he performs with another man, he insists on using a condom, but with this bitch he barebacks!?! Un-fucking-believable!!! I hope this little act of whoring ends his career.

  3. Rafael

    I’d like to take Arpad’s member in my mouth and make the man happy.
    I could do anything to please him!

  4. David

    I am with OA on this one…why does he fuck the girl bareback, but never does it in gay porn? I am a big fan of Arpad, but he has really gone down in my estimation since doing this film…

  5. Robert Orwell

    Arpad is dead, I would like to read your distraught comments once again now, fellas. Pretty sure y’all have been praising Arpad since his demise, saying how much of a great man he was. Shame on you all! And I couldn’t care less for him fucking with a girl and barebacking her, we, gays, are much more likely to get HIV by a sexual intercorse, AIDS is much more spread amidst us than in the straight world, this is a fact, as sad as it might be! It’s just a shame she knows not how to properly worship a fucking perfect manly feet as those of this delicious Hungarian hunk Arpad, if it had been me I would’ve given this GOD a footworship service he would have never forgotten.

  6. k

    He isn’t gay, he admitted to dating women especially before he started gay porn in his home country, jake cruise also admitted on twitter that none of the guys he ever had on this site were truly gay or gay at all

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