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Police Officer Vic Valentino Ravages His Girlfriend’s Pussy

Vic Valentino works as a security supervisor and is an apprentice of the toughest police sergeant in the city. His girlfriend Heather Vaughn is a policewoman and has been working in the city for 2 years. They are both proud of each other and today she wanted to make something special for them to celebrate.

She begins to reaching for Vic’s dick inside his police uniform. It’s hard as soon as she takes it out and she immediately begins to suck it. Vic was a bit worried about being in the locker room and getting a blowjob from her, but her technique is so exquisite that he can’t stop her.

Soon enough he shoves his cock deep inside her pussy and begins to drill. The excitement was great because they were so happy about their promotions. Vic has turned into a real fucking machine.

Just watch Vic mercilessly drill and ravage her poor pussy, very aggressively and manly. His whole body seems to be taking part in the fucking, not just his cock. He goes inside her deep and pushes her with all his weight. Very good, hard fucking!



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