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Next Door Hookups – Hot Real-Life Couple Fucking

We went to the Great Lakes recently and were doing some unrelated things, when we stumbled upon Joey. His friends him “Casanova” and soon we’ll learn that it’s not without reason. He stayed with his girlfriend in our hotel. It turned out that someone stole their bank cards so they were kinda stuck in this place. We offered them a way to easily earn some quick cash, by allowing us to film them while they fuck, and after giving it some thought, they agreed!

They start off by kissing and getting horny with each other, but his girl is eager to grab his beautiful cock as soon as possible. Well, who could blame her, she’s got a superhot and sexy boyfriend with a nice big cock. She puts his dick into her mouth and gives it a good workout.

After receiving the head from her, he returns the favor by sucking and licking her pussy. It’s obvious he’s so much into her because he eats that pussy like it was the last food on a desert island.

She got totally wet and ready to be blasted into space by his hard cock. He pounds her well and proper and she moans asking more. After asking to be drenched in cum like a real slut, he obeyed and totally covered her back with his streams of cum. It was a really big cumshot with lots of sticky white cum!


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