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Next Door Hookups – Hot Model Tyler Torro Fucks His Agent

Brittany Amber is a model agent and right now she’s furious because Tyler Torro, a new model on the block, is giving her a headache. She knows that in this biz you gotta conduct yourself which gives you a certain level of respectability and a modicum of decorum.

But Torro is anything but a well-behaved model. She has had nothing but trouble lately with this bad boy and today it seems things are going to explode.

On the other hand, Tyler thinks that he’s been under the pressure too, and in his opinion his agent isn’t taking his career seriously.

Tyler leaves the set and confronts Brittany back in her office. The two have an argument and the heat gets the best of both of them. Finally, we see that Brittany has been in lust for Torro for quite a while and she just can’t take it anymore. She slaps him and rightfully expect that he’ll grab her and show her what’s he made of.

Tyler Torro fucks Brittany Amber like there’s no tomorrow and they finally make peace.


Preview video:

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SG4GE – Masculine & Rough Straight Man Dylan Now

Some people like their men to look like those perfect fashion models, with excessive makeup, and lots of effeminate characteristics. However, some of us like our men to be completely masculine and somewhat rough around the edges. We actually like our men to be the real men.

Luckily for me and you, today I can present you Dylan Now, a rough and manly man from the USA. He’s got blue eyes, curly red hair and short beard that looks great on him.

His body is very muscular, he has broad shoulders, big biceps that will make your knees weak and a thick, big uncut dick.

It doesn’t take long for Dylan to get horny and hard. He is sitting in the chair and stroking his cock through the jeans. He takes off his shirt which reveals his perfectly shaped chest and hairy stomach.

Next, Dylan unzips his pants and puts his hand inside the briefs, pulls out the cockhead and begins to slowly stroke it. It is fat and hard.

He stands up, gets completely rid of his pants and shoes and lays down to continue stroking his beautiful cock. Pay attention when he takes the position on his knees. We can see his hairy ass very clearly.

A little more of cock stroking and he is near the climax. He shoots his nice load of cum which is a fantastic erection-inducing sight!


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SG4GE is a very hot and interesting adult site for the lovers of strictly straight dudes that like to fuck their chicks a lot and often. We can enjoy these masculine hunks in all their glory because the camera focuses on them.


SG4GE – Handsome Sexy Bartender Damien & His Sport Fucking

Damien is a long-haired and very handsome bartender. He likes to do those “Tom Cruise” type of cocktails. Being so good-looking as he is, he doesn’t find it too difficult to have as many women for casual sex as he wants. In fact, he even says he likes “SPORT FUCKING” – I guess it really means exactly how it sounds – fucking for sport.

Damien loves women and he would do anything for a good piece of ass with good boobs. He is a tits man, he loves them big! He likes them curvy and exotic. With a great smile and eyes.

He also likes scuba diving and all adrenalin boosting activities. He says he is not afraid of sharks, that he’s too ballsy for that. An attitude we defo like!


Preview video:


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SG4GE is a very hot and interesting adult site for the lovers of strictly straight dudes that like to fuck their chicks a lot and often. We can enjoy these masculine hunks in all their glory because the camera focuses on them.

SG4GE – Hot Italian Victor Cage Fucks Vicki

It is commonly said that Italian men generally make great lovers, sensual partners and are generally sexy dudes with lots of style. Well, if we are to judge on the basis of Victor Cage, a 24-year-old Italian, then it is certainly true.

Victor’s accent is so cute and sexy that it will enchant you the moment you hear it. He talks about his passions in life (soccer, music and sex) and you just can’t help it but feel an intense desire to see this Italian hunk naked and hard. Victor has a muscled, smooth chest, six pack and a narrow waist.

His girl for the day is Vicki Chase, and she was very eager to take his briefs off and get her hands on his hard . Finally she swallows it and gives Victor an amazing blowjob that Victor obviously didn’t expect. Just watch his eyes rolling in ecstasy while she swallows his entire shaft and sucks him off like a pro! Then Victor kneels and lets her eat his ass for a while.

Victor takes control and lays Vicki on the bed, with the intent to fuck her hard. He fucks her Italian style, with lots of passion, and frequently changes positions.

After some time, Vicki goes on the top and jerks off Victor’s cock until it shoots a massive load of hot cum on his belly!

Mama mia this scene is hot!


Short preview video:


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