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Next Door Hookups – Horny Lucas Fucks And Spunks His Girlfriend Twice

Not every girl can say that her boyfriend is a fantastic, out-of-this-world good fucker. Someone who can fuck her until she’s totally lost and can’t even scream anymore, because it feels so fucking good. But Mariam is lucky enough to have such a great fucker as her boyfriend.

Lucas is a handsome, masculine and very horny man. He can fuck girls like a machine and never gets tired of it. He can also cum several times in a row and each time he shoots so much cum it will leave you breathless.

Today Lucas and his girl Mariam decided it was high time they had some hot bed action. She can’t wait to take his cock out and when she gets it she is totally spellbound by it. She sucks it like a lollipop and can already feel the fire in her little pussy, awaiting that beautiful cock to take her apart.

Lucas fucks her in many positions, it really gets quite hot in this room and you can smell their sweat and hear Mariam’s moans. Lucas suddenly pulls out and cums all over her belly and boobs, but that was not the end of this fuck. He puts on another condom and continues to side-split her. This hot fucker cannot stop fucking, he’s unstoppable when he wants to empty his balls and they both know he’s gonna have to cum several times to empty them completely.

Next he lies on his back and she rides his magnificent dick. Her pussy is sore and dumb from his aggressive and intense cock assaults. Suddenly he pulls out again and removes the condom, then shoots HIS SECOND load!

You gotta see this great fucker, he can shoot A LOT! He starts to shoot cum, and it just keeps shooting, and shooting, and shooting. And more cum, and more… lots of white semen.



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