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Massively Hung Cody Jo Fucks His Girl Christie Hard

Christie Stevens is having a boring afternoon. She tries to read some magazines but it’s just not the right thing. Her boyfriend Cody thinks they should spend some time in intimate explorations, so he suggests that she gets on her knees and blows his monster cock.

You see, Cody is not an ordinary dude, he is a dude with a huge, really big cock. And Christie is particularly proud of her boyfriend’s massive endowment. She gives him a good blowjob, trying not to gag too much as she is taking that big shaft down her throat. She also takes his nuts in her mouth and gives them a good licking and sucking, too. Cody’s cock is now totally hard and he wants to fuck her now. He puts her into the position so that she’s on her back and spreads her legs wide so that his tool can penetrate her without problems. He is an aggressive fucker and she just loves him that way. He shoves it and pounds it deep and with swift, aggressive strokes so that the entire cock goes in without any problems. She is in pain at first but then gets used to it and enjoys immensely.

Cody puts her in the doggy position and then fucks her while his pelvis is hitting her ass. Soon enough Cody is ready to shoot his load and he squirts it all over her boobs. So, this wasn’t such a boring afternoon after all.

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