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Hot Pool Boy Johnny Smash Ravages Brittany’s Pussy

Johnny Smash is taking care of Brittany’s pool outside and since he’s been working from early hours he wants to make a little break. Knowing what a hot chick Brittany is, he wants to try his luck and win her pussy. After all, nothing better than a hot unplanned fuck after working all day long.

He approaches the window and takes a peek at her bedroom. Of course, she’s there lustfully and sensually stretched out on her bed, taking off her underwear. This sight was enough to give him a raging hardon and he grabs his cock in his pants and starts playing with it. He can’t let this opportunity slip by, so he decides to be courageous and enters her room. Of course, Brittany expected this to happen and greedily reaches for his cock. She takes it into her mouth and starts slobbering all over his engorged dick. Johnny is still in disbelief as to how this happened so quickly and how it is possible that he found such a hot girl to suck his dick. Well, he should know better, because Brittany is well-known for her penchant for young hot pool boys.

Brittany is ever hungry for nice hard men’s cocks, so she takes care to satisfy Johnny and make him want to fuck her. Of course, she didn’t have to ask Johnny twice, and she fucked her pussy like a madman. He totally demolished her little cunt and dominated like a real thug. This was a very nice, passionate and aggressive fuck scene.

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