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Next Door Hookups – Hung Jay Rising Shows His Boss What He’s Made Of

Jay Rising is a devil in sheep’s clothing. This charming young man is so sexy and handsome that women just can’t resist his advances. And on top of that he is very naughty all the time and his boss has received many complaints about him from a distraught young lady claiming that Jay asked to put his ‘penis in her mouth and pooper.’

Jay is now in Brittany’s office so that she can get to the bottom of this issue. Of course, Jay would like to have sex at work, he is just always horny and needs pussy. He is also very confident and that got Brittany a bit curious.

She now thinks he must have quite a big man tool in his pants. Well, she’s gonna find out now!

Jay has no problem showing Brittany his big, swollen and throbbing cock. He is very happy to show her his pride and joy and she is already spellbound by it. Now she gave him an ultimatum: If he doesn’t use his dick to fuck her senseless he might lose his job! And of course Jay doesn’t want that.

Short preview video:


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