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Next Door Hookups – Hung Manly & Handsome James Jamesson Nails Heather

James Jamesson has been working as a field hand on Heather’s grandmother’s farm for quite some time. The young lady, Heather Vaughn, noticed how handsome and masculine James is from the very first day. She’s been having daydreams in which she grabs him by his cock and takes him to her room so he can fuck her senseless. She senses that James might have a huge cock, and today she decided to check her theory.

Heather called James for a little refreshment in her room, and James thought it would be a nice little break from his work. But as soon as he entered her room it became obvious she had other intentions.  She begins to take off his clothes and reaches for his dick.

She didn’t hesitate to put his cock in her mouth, in fact she devoured it. And yes, it was even bigger than she had expected – James’s pride is really huge and thick, it certainly qualifies as heavy artillery!


Heather deepthroats that huge monster cock and this got James really horny. She can feel how James’ big plump knob is tingling her tonsils. Yep, that’s what we men like, to swallow our dick deep no matter how big it is.

James begins to fuck Heather and it soon enough became obvious to her that he will have no mercy. James is an aggressive and merciless manly fucker and likes to nail it deep and hard. Heather loved her newly found fucker and rode that cock like a pro. She kept playing with his big balls while he was shoving it in and out.

Finally he pulls out and dumps his load onto her face. This was one fantastic fuck session with very handsome, manly and hung James Jamesson!


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Preview video:


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Masculine Stud Kyle King Strokes His Massive Cock

As soon as Kyle King enter the room, you can feel he’s all horny and can’t wait to dump his load. He sits on a leather sofa and in no time you can see him touching his manmeat through his pants and feeling up his pecs through his T-shirt. You know that this masculine stud is up to no good.

Finally he removes his T-shirt and reveals a beautiful, muscular, hairy chest! Oh my god, that’s a body to die for!

Kyle takes out his fat, cut dick and starts to stroke it slowly allowing us to get closer with our camera to catch all the little details.

Pay special attention to the overhead view, it is fantastic – you can see Kyle taking off his jeans and playing with himself.

Soon enough Kyle is totally naked and shows off for the camera. His massive muscles on his thighs are supporting his equally massive hard-on.

Kyle’s facial hair only adds to his appeal, he looks very hot and masculine. Finally he starts the final round of jacking off, and ejects a big load of cum that sprays out of his dick.


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Big, Hairy Stud Harry Jansen Plunders Hot Pussy

It’s hard to keep Harry Jansen contained.  First, there’s that massive chest and bulging biceps fighting to burst thru his close-fitting T-shirt.  Then there are those tight briefs barely able to support that especially thick and powerful cut cock.  Harry, a six-footer weighing in at 200 pounds, may look like a gentle giant but once his carnal desire’s been unleashed he can be quite primal.  He arouses his partner with his long tongue before spreading her legs, teasing her pussy gently and then plunging in his fuck stick until she’s moaning with pleasure.  We love watching his furry stomach muscles tightening with every thrust but the view from behind his even better!  You see, Harry has a great ass, which is offset perfectly by his narrow waist and toned back.  When he finally sprays his load, shooting his sperm up and over his partner’s arched back, you’d better get out of the way!



Short preview video:

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SG4GE is a very hot and interesting adult site for the lovers of strictly straight dudes that like to fuck their chicks a lot and often. We can enjoy these masculine hunks in all their glory because the camera focuses on them.

Big-dicked Stud Buries His Long Dick

Shane Hopkins has always been interested in gymnastics and shows off some moves for us during his interview. In all honesty, we’re more interested to see his moves in bed. Our hard-bodied hottie does not disappoint and puts on quite a show. He fucks Amber with passion and intensity from all sorts of different positions, Amber loving each one more than the next. With an erect cock every second of the way, it seems Shane can last forever. But all good things, make that great things must come to an end as Shane splatters his six-pack with semen. Amber licks it up and Shane is all smiles as we fade to black.

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