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Next Door Hookups – Strong Muscled Stud Caesar Lancelot Chained & Then Let Loose

Caesar Lancelot and his girlfriend Darcy Tyler are bored with ordinary sex games and approaches. They need more kinky, intriguing and inspiring stuff to get them going. Darcy thought of a game of domination where she plays the lead role of a nasty bitch that wants total control and submission of her handsome, strong and manly slave.

Darcy is a merciless dominatrix and she slaps Caesar with a whip on his face and nutsack with her leather paddle. This just makes Caesar hornier than before and his cock is fully erect and wants to fuck something.

I envy Darcy on having such a great stud chained to an iron cross. Who wouldn’t want to be fucked by this masculine motherfucker?

After she has sucked his throbbing cock, Darcy removes the chains and lets loose both him and his big hard dick for a nice, prolonged hard dungeon pussy-plowing.

Caesar fucks her like a real stud that he is and soon enough we find out who is actually the real master here.


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James Huntsman Punishes His Girl With His Cock


James Huntsman and his girlfriend Rubi Knox are planning a little dungeon party soon and James has been preparing the room for the entire afternoon. So much so, in fact, that he almost didn’t prepare himself at all. Luckily enough, he didn’t forget Rubi’ favorite red jockstrap.

As soon as she noticed it, she was horny as hell and it didn’t take them long to get into full force fucking.



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