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SG4GE – Kevin Crows & Landon Mycles Bang Chick Together

Landon Mycles returns home to find his girlfriend in bed with his best friend, the tall, muscular and ripped Kevin Crows. Willing to do anything to get her back, Landon jumps into the action, first with the two guys keeping away from each other but before long, Kevin’s perfect ass is too much for Landon to resist and he reaches out for a feel. Kevin’s a bit surprised at first but with Addison daring and encouraging him, Kevin and Landon are soon sucking each other’s cocks.  Landon rims Kevin’s ass and soon Kevin’s massive, thick dick is sliding into his hole. Landon blows his load with Kevin still fucking him.

Landon and Addison sit Kevin down and give him a dual blow job, worshiping his flagpole up and down until Kevin launches a HUGE load which all three swap in cummy kisses. A sticky mess, Kevin leaves to grab a shower and we learn just how naughty Landon and Addison really are!


Short preview video:


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Tyler Torro’s Bisexual Adventures


Tyler’s girlfriend prepared a couple of special surprise for her boyfriend:

Surprise one is when Tyler feels the cold hard touch of Cherry’s strap-on rubbing on his body.

Surprise two: She brought another guy (Spencer Fox) and let him suck off Toro’s hard cock while he was blindfolded. What ensued was one hot fuck in all possible combinations!















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My Husband’s Boyfriend


Ever wonder who keeps texting your partner late at night when all of his focus should be on you?  In the case of Charles O’Riley, a married man who’s hotness level soars off the charts, those messages set off a chain of events you won’t soon forget.  Charles confides to his sweet wife Allison that he has a boyfriend, the very sexy Mike Martinez.  When Mike drops by, our very modern threesome get down and dirty, with the men getting their big, thick cocks sucked while they make out and size up the situation. Addison decides that Charles isn’t getting off THAT easy and after subjecting him to a tickle torture, she decides that her husband the top is about to find out what it feels like to bottom. Without spoiling all the surprises in store for you, let’s just cock + ass + pussy = an erotic equation that leads to our husband and wife BOTH getting fucked and sucked with the cum load multiplied by two.



Short preview video:

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Straight Guys For Gay Eyes is a great site for the devotees of the truly straight and uncompromisingly masculine men who like to bang their chicks often and allow us to film them. Although it is a straight sex site, the camera intentionally focuses on the men so as to give us the best sight of their gorgeous manly bodies.

Bo Dean and Tex Gemmell Fuck a Lucky Chick

By overwhelming demand, we proudly present to you the first bi-sexual scene on SG4GE. And what better guys to ring in this momentous occasion than super-studs Bo Dean and Tex Gemmell. Amber Rayne is the lucky girl to lend these boys some helping holes to fill. Passionate 3-way kissing gets the blood pumping and the clothes begin to fly in mere moments. Amber swallows each of the guys and begins to rub their slippery cocks together in some hot frotting action. Amber slaps the hell out of Tex’s bubble butt but don’t worry, she gives his hole a tongue bath to make it all better. Everyone’s mouth finds something to play with in a three-way suck-fest which leaves everyone hard, wet and ready to fuck. Both guys go back and forth fucking the nubile nymphet, but in the end neither can wait their turn. They both plow Amber at the same time in a hardcore DP: one in the ass and one in the puss. Amber’s ass isn’t enough for Bo and soon he’s buried balls deep inside Tex’s asshole. Bo fucking Tex while Tex fucks Amber brings everyone to the brink. The boys pull out and splatter their cum all over Amber’s face and mouth.

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Well, to me, this is by far the most interesting movie I’ve seen so far on SG4GE!

Tex and Bo are awesome studs and they fuck this lucky chick like there’s no tomorrow.

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