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Next Door Hookups – Sexy Bearded Bodyguard Vinny Castillo Bangs Pop Singer

Jeannie Marie is a well-known and world renown pop star. She has millions of fans, with young men being her most devout followers. It seems as if she’s got her life totally in order: she’s gorgeous, talented and has lots of money. But, she doesn’t have any time to find guys to fuck her! She even noticed her inspiration is getting progressively worse since she hasn’t had any hard cock up her pussy!

However, one day she got assigned a new, hunky bodyguard Vinny Castillo. He is a masculine, bearded and big man, with massive muscles and big hard cock. She imagined that cock for quite a while, how it penetrates her wet pussy and fills her up completely.

But Vinny is a serious man and takes his job seriously… most of the time. She gives him something to think about when she mentions that she considers a career advancement for him. Vinny can’t refuse something like that!

Vinny really pumped this pop star hard and deep, and by the looks of this movie she won’t be needing any other man for quite some time!  


Short preview video:


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Fuckingly HUGE Zeb Atlas Fucks A Lucky Girl

Wow! Is there anything left to say if you just look at these pictures of Zeb Atlas? Hardly. But let me try anyway.

When you think about Zeb Atlas you think about HUGE. Everything about Zeb is totally big and gorgeous. His arms are bigger than most men’s thighs. His chest is massive and magnificent, and his legs are big and strong.

We won’t forget that most important muscle of all – his cock. It definitely doesn’t disappoint and is also big. On top of all that Zeb is a very manly guy, and has a nice growth of body hair.

Darcy is a chick we’ve invited to help us shoot Zeb. She was also amazed at how fantastic Zeb looks and became totally enchated by him. She touches his chest and goes lower and lower until she reaches his manliest part – the dick.

We tried to record this in the same way as Zeb sees his cock sucked. His member disappears slowly into her mouth, inch by inch, and is totally swallowed. Darcy loves big cocks!

There is also a very hot scene with a fireplace that will probably get stuck into your memory for a long time – and you won’t look at fireplaces in the same way ever again.

Zeb is a masterful lover and loves to fuck good, long and hard. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as we did – it’s spectacular!


Short preview video:

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Tex Gemmell Jacks Off

You don’t mess with Texas. That has nothing to do with this scene, but I wouldn’t mess with Tex either. He’s got his shit-kickers on and he’s ready for no good. He’s a carpenter by day and a stripper by night, which is a great combination for someone about to jack off for you. It means they’re good with their hands and have some great moves to show off. But don’t take our word for it, watch the movie…


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