Extra-Hung Stud James Jamesson Fucks His Sexy Neighbor Hope Howell

Hope is chilling outside in the hot sun and meanwhile hunky masculine stud James approaches her by the pool house. James tries not to be noticed so she doesn’t suspect anyone is watching her. James’ favorite pastime is to watch Hope while she’s sunbathing because this sight always gets him so hard. James quickly gets a raging hardon and starts rubbing his erect monster cock through his pants.

He wants to approach her even more, but accidentally kicks the dog bowl and she immediately notices him. She is both shocked and pleased to see him, and she waves to him with her hand, signaling that he can come to her for a nice chat session. As soon as they’re talking to each other it becomes apparent that they are both horny as hell and want the same fucking thing. Hope is a pragmatical woman, so she immediately proposes that since they’re neighbors and are so turned on by each other, they should go to her pool house so they can fuck.

James first fucks Hope’s mouth and throat, the horny lustful woman wants to swallow the entire monster cock and she partially succeeds. Next, James turns her around, bends her over and starts fucking her like crazy. He puts her into various positions and bangs her pussy real hard. James is pretty vocal while fucking her and he name calls her using dirty language. James is a skillful fucker and bringing her to the point of orgasm and screaming with pleasure is like a piece of cake for this hot motherfucker. Finally, she swallows his dick again which was enough for him to nut and shoot his load all over her chest.


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