Mighty Manny Vegas Fucks His Chick Like A Bull

Mighty Manny Vegas is trying to run away from the hot summer sun and he’s found a sanctuary in the coolness of his girlfriend’s shower. So now Manny’s taking a shower and his girl Christy Bender is imagining how his muscled body must look like while the clear water drips off of it.

Manny is crazy about his working out schedule and he really did a good job in the gym today. His big mighty muscles are aching from the hard workout, but it’s a good type of pain, that guarantees progress and even bigger muscles.

When he’s finished, Manny goes to the bedroom where Christy awaits him seductively. She takes Manny’s soft dick. While she’s sucking on that sleepy monster, the dick grows quickly and soon fills her entire mouth and throat.

With his dick so hard, his sexual energy is awakened fully and this latin stud just pounds away Christy like a madman! Let me make this clear – Mighty Manny is a strong, powerful bull who fucks with great power but also with gentleness too. His muscles look gorgeous while he’s doing his manly job. The muscles on his butt look amazing while he’s fucking the shit out of this lucky bitch. Toro!



Short preview video:

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