Huge Kevin James Bangs His Girl

We’ve got a lusty Leo for you this week, Kevin James. One look at him and it’s obvious he spends a lot of time at the gym. Kevin is absolutely shredded. We can’t decide which muscles we like most. Those massive arms, or how about those abs you could bounce a bowling ball off of. If you stand too close when he flexes his pecs, you just might get knocked out. But he’s not one of those guys that’s all show and just hits the upper body; one of his legs is wider then most men’s put together! In direct proportion with the rest of his body is his big, thick cock and Kevin loves to work that area of his body too. He towers over his girl from behind, fucking her doggie-style to start before moving onto other positions, only taking a break to get his ass eaten out by his girl. Once she’s had her fill she hops back on his dick to go for another ride. He writhes in sheer ecstasy when he’s about to cum and his muscles are completely pumped for your viewing pleasure.


How about watching Kevin and 100s of other strictly straight men banging their girls?
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