Next Door Hookups – Sexy Bearded Bodyguard Vinny Castillo Bangs Pop Singer

Jeannie Marie is a well-known and world renown pop star. She has millions of fans, with young men being her most devout followers. It seems as if she’s got her life totally in order: she’s gorgeous, talented and has lots of money. But, she doesn’t have any time to find guys to fuck her! She even noticed her inspiration is getting progressively worse since she hasn’t had any hard cock up her pussy!

However, one day she got assigned a new, hunky bodyguard Vinny Castillo. He is a masculine, bearded and big man, with massive muscles and big hard cock. She imagined that cock for quite a while, how it penetrates her wet pussy and fills her up completely.

But Vinny is a serious man and takes his job seriously… most of the time. She gives him something to think about when she mentions that she considers a career advancement for him. Vinny can’t refuse something like that!

Vinny really pumped this pop star hard and deep, and by the looks of this movie she won’t be needing any other man for quite some time!  


Short preview video:


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