Sexy & Cute Next-Door Boy Joey Soto Goes Bad

Joey Soto is an extremely nice and cute boy, but he’s become a very naughty boy if you manage to get him into the bedroom.

Joey looks like your neighbor, you could definitely bring him to your mum and introduce as your best friend. His eyes are calm and reassuring – and they have proven a deadly weapon for winning the hearts of girls and guys alike.

But, I must say I’ve been really curious to see his tool above all else. He’s got a beautiful 7-inch cut cock, and big, low hanging balls. With such an equipment it’s no wonder that whoever sees it in action can never get it out of their head.

His female playmate, Jackie Joy, is totally into Joey’s hard dick. She actually thinks she won a lottery – it’s such a great treat for her to be able to munch and slurp on that amazing dick.

But as soon as Joey starts fucking her, the ‘cuteness’ factor goes out of the window, and we can appreciate his masculine power and no-nonsense straight attitude. He rides her pussy like a pro and drills it long and hard.

His thighs are very strong and he can exert great power with them while he fucks.

This boy’s got that unmistakable youthful power that emanates with his every move, especially during sex. Finally he takes his cock outside her pussy and shoots an amazing cumshot.



Short preview video:

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