Hot Construction Worker Brec Boyd Bangs Exotic Chick

Brec Boyd is a sleepy-eyed construction worker from Long Island who plays minor league football but is definitely in the major leagues when it comes to sex. He prefers exotic-looking women and when we introduce him to Lana Violet it’s lust at first sight.

Lucky Lana gorges herself on all 9 inches of Brec’s perfect penis as he towers over her, his ripped body on display. (No sign of any gag reflex here!) Brec then lays our girl on her back and expertly glides his tongue over her tits and inside her pussy until she’s squirming with pleasure.

These two get to fucking soon enough and watching Brec thrust each and every inch of that cock inside Lana is an awesome experience. Sideways, from behind, on top…it’s a fuckfest that ends with a fountain of sperm.


Short preview video:

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And don’t miss that huge cumshot at the end!

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