TJ Cummings Fucks Tropical Chick

TJ is hanging out at a Tiki bar and starts to chat it up with a hot tropical babe (Charlie) he spots there. The bare-bottomed bartender lets them know it’s last call and then takes his leave. TJ and his girl find themselves alone and in no time TJ has his new friend naked and eager to suck his big cock and eat out his bubble butt. Charlie takes everything TJ has to offer and begs for more. He pounds away until he can’t resist any longer and explodes onto Charlie’s pussy and stomach.

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If you are anything like me, you likely really enjoy watching straight porn, simply because there are a lot of superhot hung straight porn actors! TJ Cummings is one of them,
check him out on Straight Eyes for Gay Eyes! The site features only truly straight men who fuck their girls but the focus is on the guys, not on girls!

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