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Masculine Sportsman Connor Hasting Plows New Girl’s Ass With His Huge Cock

Connor Hasting has arrived in the gym very early in the morning. He wants to be done with his workout session first thing in the morning, before everything else in his busy schedule. We find him in the locker room just after the workout. While he is sitting on the bench an unknown girl comes into the men’s locker room.

It turns out this fine young girl is Hope Howell, a new girl in this gym and she works weekends. Her job is to pick up men’s sweaty towels and to straight things up. Connor becomes horny the minute he sees her, and he’s curious to see whether this girl is in the mood for some wild action as well. While she’s picking the towels Connor’s hand finds its way to Hope’s ass. She is allegedly shocked by his impetuousness, and starts protesting loudly. Connor says he’s sorry and makes up some wild lies about his real motives. Half-reluctantly she says she’s OK with that and doesn’t mind if Connor gives her a ride. Hope takes care about the door lock so that nobody can disturb them.  As soon as her clothes are gone, she gets on her knees to serviced Connor’s huge massive upright manhood.

She takes good care of Connor’s hard dick and the boy is mad with desire to fuck her pussy. He puts her on her back and shoves his large cock up her tight little pussy. The girl is on the seventh heaven as that huge pulsating thick slab of manmeat drills her pussy.

To show him what she’s really made of, she climbs on top of him and starts riding his cock like she’s been doing that all her life. This made Connor even more wild and he passionately fucks her until he’s about to unload his balls. He aims at her boobs and shoots a nice big load straight onto them.


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