Hot Big-Dicked Young Man Chad Fucks His Girlfriend

Chad is a hot muscular straight boy who now lives with his girlfriend. He’s having his afternoon nap and dreaming about being in a great place where there is an colonnade and pizza restaurants! His girlfriend suddenly returns from work and finds him semi-nude in his bed, still asleep.

Well, she knows how to treat her boyfriend well, so she kisses him going from his stomach upwards to his face. Eventually, she reaches his face and thinks that he’s about to wake any moment now. But Chad doesn’t wake up so easily from deep sleep. Luckily, his lady knows what always works to wake him up when he’s in such deep sleep, and that’s to suck his cock!

Chad’s dick is pretty thick and big, so she’s really in for a treat now. Her mouth works magic and her man is now fully awake and ready to reward her with a forceful fuck session. He shoves his big dick inside her pussy and starts drilling. She moans and squeals and after some time Chad pulls out and shoots his wad.


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