Beefy Straight David Stone Takes Care Of His Secretary’s Needs

She’s a schemer and certainly not innocent, but she always tends to get what she is after. This time round, it’s David Stone and his beefy, muscular body and hot straight cock. Hope Howell has been an intern at David’s father’s office and David often ruminated over whether there was something special about her for the supervisors to keep her around for so long.

Certainly, she’s not among the best as far as office tasks are concerned! However, she makes it all up with her seductive looks.  David wanted to make sure what’s so special about this girl one day and he invited her for an interview. He immediately notices her peculiar, very liberal choice of clothes. David points out the inappropriateness of her clothes, and recommends that she takes them all, to remedy the already grave situation. However, she doesn’t want to be the only one, and she starts taking his clothes off, too.

He can’t control himself anymore, pushes her on the desk, and inserts his pulsating cock in her pussy. Hope certainly didn’t see it coming this way, this fast, but she’s very happy she’s finally found the right man to take care of her needs. David has always seemed so very tame and too cultured, and now she finds out his true nature.


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