Hung & Tough Dr Flexx Boola Examines His Patient Darcy

The town in which Darcy Tyler lives has a new general practitioner doctor. There is a rumour in the town, however, that this manly studly doctor is such a womanizer that he can’t contain himself if a really hot lady enters his office. Usually, he provides more than medical service for such patients.

Darcy heard about the new doctor and was resolute to check him out for herself. After all, Flexx Boola is so hot, he is exactly her type of guy – tall, masculine and big-dicked.

As soon as she entered his office, he knew what she was there for. He told her to take off her clothes and soon enough they were on the right track. Darcy’s top went down so Flexx could examine her breasts more closely.

Darcy knew that the doctor was in dire need of some nice blowjob, so she went down on her knees and started to suck his big schlong.

Flexx Boola proceeds to give Darcy a good pounding and delivers a nice cumshot in the end, just as we expect from this great manly dude.


Preview video:

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