Next Door Hookups – Big Bearded Vinny Castillo Fucks Brittany

Vinny Castillo went to a night sex club and is chilling solo. He takes his man pride out and slowly jerks off. Brittany Amber walks by and is glued to that beautiful fat cock on the beautiful bearded man.

The two of them exchange glances and it becomes more than obvious that they would like to roll in the hay. She comes closer and Vinny begins to do his thing.

Brittany hasn’t had a good cock in her mouth for quite some time so this was a perfect opportunity to refresh her memory with some real fat dick. She drops on her knees and begins to slurp and suck that amazing dick.

Vinny fucks her face and gets hornier and hornier by the minute. The very thought of sticking his hard dick into her pussy makes him mad with desire.

Vinny begins to fuck Brittany. First she rides him then he fucks her from the missionary position. His cock penetrates her deep inside and she moans and squeals from so much pleasure.

Finally Vinny unloads his big balls and sprays Brittany with his cum.


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